Rewards & Ambassadors

What are W+L $$$?

Consider this our way of saying thank you! When you tell friends about us and they use your code to shop with us for the first time, you earn 5 W+L $$$ and they get $5 off their first order--simple, easy, done!

You also get W+L $$$ for shopping--for every $100 you spend with us, we add $5 to your W+LLET. Lastly, we want to reward you for helping us take care of our planet. When you’ve worn out or grown out of your W+L faves, you can send them back to us. We’ll donate or upcycle them and add $$$ to your W+LLET, depending on the condition they’re in!

What happens to the rewards I earned if I make a return?

If you request a refund on a return, we subtract that amount from your total spending level. If that causes you to drop below a rewards mark, those reward $$$ will no longer be in your W+LLET :( (But we know you’ll earn it back!) And don’t worry--exchanges are np! 

Can I share my W+L $$$ with a friend?

Our rewards dollars aren’t directly shareable, but you can always use them to send someone an e-gift card and spread the love. 

What does it mean to be a W+L Ambassador?

Our original group of Ambassadors has been with us since the very beginning! We all worked together to figure out what Woodley + Lowe should be, what’s important to us, and what pieces we wanted to make first. Now, we are excited to welcome new Ambassadors on a rolling basis to help us wear test new products, get the word out about W+L, host events, and more fun stuff. As a thank you, our Ambassadors have exclusive access to certain products, discounts, and other cool perks. 

How can I be a W+L Ambassador? 

Thank you for your interest in joining! Click here learn more and email us at to tell us a bit more about yourself.